Antique Tractor Show
Labor Day Weekend
in Lindsay, Texas

About Us

The Cooke County Antique Tractor & Machinery Club was established in 1985. The membership included approximately 20 members.

The purpose of the Club is to hold an antique tractor show each year. The first show was held late in the summer of 1986. By that time the membership had about 25 tractors, 3-4 plows, a threshing machine, binders, a horse-drawn hay baler, and several miscellaneous pieces of equipment.

We now own several unique pieces of equipment including a 1923 Minneapolis steam engine. All steam engines must be inspected and certified in order to be able to run at fairs, tractor shows or anywhere else. Ours is one of the few that is inspected and certified to run in Texas, and it is run at the show each year.

Our club has five-seven meetings each year. We conduct business pertaining to putting on our annual show. When the club was young, many meetings were held at the park in Lindsay and were adjourned when the sun went down. We eventually began having most meetings at the Myra Fire Department. (They have lights.)

With the passing of time many of the club’s charter members and “almost” charter members have died. These individuals made a great contribution to the preservation of American farm history through this club. They are greatly missed. Due to their efforts as well as those of many other club members, the Cooke County Antique Tractor & Machinery Club membership has grown to over 100 members in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas as well as other states. Individual members have all kinds of antique tractors and equipment including threshing machines, horse-drawn hay balers, and a cane press.

Each Labor Day week-end exhibitors come to the show from Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas as well as from most parts of Texas. The local members have formed many friendships with antique lovers from all over our country. We look forward to seeing them each year at the show. We look forward to meeting you!